Conditions of sale


  • The Proprietor is selling the edition rights of any title/series listed in the catalogue on flat fee basis.
  • The Publisher will undertake to make translation from the original Italian edition and will accept full responsibility for translation and all costs incurred therefore.
  • The Publisher will be allowed to modify in full or in part the title/series purchased and, only in the territories and languages mentioned in the agreement, will also be allowed to use the material (texts, illustrations, photos and any artwork) in other publications without the consent of the Proprietor.
  • The agreement will have a duration of 10 years.
  • Within the validity of the agreement, the Publisher will be allowed to print or reprint an unlimited number of copies of the title/series purchased.
  • At the end of the 10 years’ term, renewal terms shall be discussed.

Our archive includes 61 series and 191 titles, and we offer the whole list at an unbeatable offer.

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